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Dynals v2.0

Dynals v2.0 is a completely rewritten version of Dynals. The first version of Dynals released in 1996 has proved itself as the fastest, reliable and user-friendly software for Particle Size Distribution analysis in Photon Correlation Spectroscopy also known as Quasi Elastic or Dynamic Light Scattering).
Dynals uses proprietary, NTSVD algorithm for solving the associated ill-posed mathematical problem.

Dynals v2.0 includes the old as well as new computational methods:

Dynals v2.0 includes many other new features that make in unique software for data analysis:

Dynals v2.0 support several types of input data formats:

Dynals v2.0 screenshot examples

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Distribution Analysis with optimal resolution

Screen 1

Distribution Analysis for multiple selection

Screen 4

Distribution Analysis with high resolution

Screen 2

Discrete Components Analysis for multiple selection

Screen 5

Multiple Analysis of one data file

Screen 3

Multiple Analysis for multi-selection

Screen 6

You may get more information by Viewing Dynals v1.0 white paper (online)

You may also download Dynals v2 latest release.

You may purchase Dynals from SoftScientific directly (contact sales@softscientific.com for price quotation and other information) or via Dynals distributors.