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New! XPFit - eXPonential Fitting Software

Description Size Status
XPFit logo XPFit (build 1.2.1)


Click here for download *

* Requires a simple (free) registration. 

We are pleased to announce that XPFit software is now totally free and may be used with all its' features indefinitely.
The latest version feature:
- Error analysis with confidence intervals definition by exhaustive search
Please download and enjoy!

DYNALS - Dynamic Light Scattering

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   DYNALS v.2 (build 2.9.1)


Click here for download *

* Requires a simple (free) registration. 

Finally Dynals can be used with all 32 or 64 bit Windows™. This release of Dynals also removes the necessity to use a software
protection plug (HASP) used in previous versions. Instead, installation is limited to one computer. Install Dynals and process
up to 10 input files during the first 30 days for evaluation. You can purchase the activation key afterwards. You can purchase
a key for 6, 12, 24 months or unlimited use. Discount licenses for 2 or more computers can be provided if necessary.
Please, contact sales@softscientific.com for more information and license keys.


Description Size Status
GLSA demos for multi-gaussian and multi-exponential data fitting


Click here for download

Papers and documentation

Description Size Status
Dynals v2.0 white paper   Will be available very soon
Dynals v1.0 white paper 88KB

Click here for download

Dynals-lib v2.0 Programmer’s Guide   Will be available very soon
GLSA Library Programmer’s Guide   Will be available very soon
NEW! Fluorescence-based applications for Life Science, Biotechnology and Clinical Diagnostics 383KB Click here for download